The Karachi Nostalgia Serving Tray

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  • PKR7,000

This product and its original image is created with Karachi in mind. Wooden handles are carved into the sides.

Frere Hall, Mohatta Palace and the beautiful coastline are all represented in an exclusive image on the serving tray that renders the memories and features of this magnificent city.

We hope that the serving tray invokes a feeling about the city and Pakistan.  It makes for a wonderful addition to your home or a great gift idea for friends and loved ones.

This tray is lacquered and easily cleaned with a damp cloth. The wood is polished to perfection. Our craftsmen are skilled and are trained at The Craft Company.

We strive to keep the skills of handmade alive and going in an age of mass production and modernization. This product is 100% handmade.

Size:  18" x 14"

Weight: 400 grams.