The Craft Company has been producing handmade mosaics for almost two decades. We started with trying to revive the indigenous art of mosaic in Pakistan and have become one of the the leading national and international producers of hand-cut tile mosaic. We have studied traditional tile cutting techniques and are proud to carry on 100s of years of mosaic art techniques and ideas towards creating our precision mosaics. Our patterns and interpretation of mosaic design comes from experience and mastery and an understanding of layout and the design of each mosaic composition.

Our unique style of mosaic is available globally via e-commerce. We offer the highest quality of handcut mosaic wall art, customized mosaic accent pieces and mosaic patterns and designs of the highest quality. We are happy to design your mosaic alongside you, create mock patterns for you so you can visualize your final piece. 

Our experience as fine furniture makers and designers allows us to create exquisite mosaic furniture and cabinetry items that can be customized. The brilliant thing about custom mosaic art is that anything and everything goes; tiles can be joined together to create a mural, installed in your patio stone or in your backyard pool. It can even be converted into backsplash murals that brighten your kitchen. It can be used in furniture or create a flooring or a mosaic accent to your flooring. We can create logos, name signs, calligraphy all in a customized art form to suit your aesthetic.

The Craft Company by Muna Siddiqui offers unique mosaic home decor and furniture

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