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Muna Siddiqui the Craft Company

Muna Siddiqui created the Craft Company to showcase the versatility of her handmade designs and creations.

The Craft Company is the foremost retailer and distributor of handmade modern Pakistani craft and furniture in Pakistan. It is creative, original, attentive to the environment and dedicated to sharing skills and expertise to better the community and grow as a company. It has been created by Muna Siddiqui as a platform to showcase the versatile design and unique skill and craftsmanship nurtured and envisioned by her.
Her art work and design is seen in many public places around the city of Karachi and has been exported the world over. Her customers are creative people themselves who have a flair for color and an appreciation for the handmade and original design of Craft Company reminiscent of Old World values and sub-continental Islamic tradition. Muna’s designs use basic skills of hand cut mosaic, sculpted decoupage and hand embroideries all lovingly set and presented in functional items by the most skilled carpenters, tailors, polishers and craftsmen.
The Craft Company is not only a creative entity but a compassionate entity that wants to be of service to the community by providing jobs to the unskilled and uneducated by training schemes, by providing a healthy working environment, providing meals, good work hours and respect and self-reliance in an impoverished and often unforgiving country. Our recycling ethos makes a difference to our community and our wellbeing. Our goal is to be able to make more of a difference in all these respects on a much larger scale.

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Plot 200, Sector 23 Korangi Industrial Area, Karachi, Pakistan

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