Commissioning Mosaic Work from The Craft Company


 The mosaic below was created for the facade of the Pakistan Pavillion at the 2017 World Expo in Astana Kazakhstan. It is 20 ft high and 16 ft wide.

This mosaic iis at the Lady Dufferin Hospital in Karachi 15 ft wide and 9 ft high.

 Mosaic Mural at the Lady Dufferin Hospital in Karachi

Private collection

Compass dial mosaic in floor

Private Collection

Pool backdrop mural


Comission for a courtyard. Private collection

Tile mosaic courtyard fountain


Public mosaic at Hoshang Road. Clifton Karachi

tile mosaic mural by Muna Siddiqui

Are you looking for a public project mosaic? A back-splash for your kitchen or bath? Looking for an accent wall piece? Need a mirror or a table top? An accent for your flooring? The Craft Company has done work for clients with 100% customer satisfaction.


Please mail at


In order for us to write up an Estimate of Project Cost, please have the following information ready:


-project size (inches, feet, or metric) and shape (rectangular, circular, etc.)

-where the mosaic will be located (outdoors, indoors, bathroom, wall, floor, etc.)

-what materials would you like us to use (tiles, stone, etc.)

-what type of design would you like? (e-mail samples of pictures, or URLs , if you have any image references)

-is there a projected deadline for the mosaic to be completed by?

-if possible, e-mail the photograph of space where mosaic will be located.

-please, provide us with the shipping address, so we can get an estimated shipping cost.



Important: Mosaics take time to make. Please, plan accordingly. For example, a 3'x4' mosaic will take about 8-12 weeks to complete after the design approval. A 120 sq ft project may take 8-12 months to complete depending on the studio's schedule for other projects.