Ducks in Magnolia Mosaic Mural Project

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  • PKR2,000,000

Ducks in Magnolia

Size 11ft x 8ft

This mosaic mural was created with hand cut tile on Marine ply . It is placed at a residence entrance. The image was created for the client first and approved. She wanted the ducks in a pond setting to match the pond at her entrance. The ducks were essential because they were believed to be a sign of prosperity. The mosaic is framed and can be moved to a new location , the reason for it to be created on Marine ply. The intricate sky tile pattern with its medley of different tile colors was created to catch the twinklinfg of light on it at different times of the day.  

The birds are set with some gold tile in places to add luster and ornament to the mosaic. The goldfish and their reflection highlight the actual pond in the location.


To order this mosaic or a similar product please contact us. It can be customised for color and size and content.