Canada Maple Leaf Flag Mosaic Wall Art Mural

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  • PKR32,000

Handmade tile mosaic wall art of the Canada Flag.  

This beautiful rendition of the proud Canadian flag is made by hand by skilled mosaic artists.  Each tile tessare is cut by hand and placed by an experienced artist making each piece an original artwork.  

Each mural is an impressive 18" x 12" and can be hung on a wall indoor or outdoors.  The mural is framed in premium aged rosewood 

The back of the rosewood frame has 2 hooks to hang this mural or it can be placed on a shelf or mantle. 

Each wall mural adds a sense of patriotism and pride to your home or workplace.  It makes for a wonderful gift for friends, family or loved one.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the product.